What are preserved flowers / foliage? 

Preserved flowers / foliage are real and natural flowers / greens that have been processed with a revolutionary technology to maintain their beauty and fresh appearance for long time.  

These flowers / greens are cut when they are fresh at the peak of blooming beauty, then deliver to the factory to undergo the preservation process before they are sorted and graded.  The preservation process helps to maintain their natural and original appearance for months or even for years.  Unlike fresh flowers, the preserved flowers do not wilt. 

How long can preserved flowers last?

On average, dried flowers can last for about a year if they are cared for correctly.  

If the flowers are bleached and dyed, they can last longer. Such preserved flowers can last for at least 3 to 5 years, in some cases, up to 35 years if they are cared for correctly. 

Are preserved flowers safe?

Preserved flowers are harmless. The chemicals used in the preservation process are non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-carcinogenic, non-explosive and non-chemical reactive.

How to take care of the preserved flowers?

  • Keep them in a cool and dry environment. 
  • Keep them away from water or moisture. They don’t like water.
  • Place them in a dry spot and avoid direct sunlight.  Sunlight will fade their colours.
  • If want to clean them, do it gently with dry tissue or use a gentle setting on hair dryer.

Why preserved flowers bring value for money?

  • They last longer than the fresh cut flowers. 
  • They cost cheaper than the fresh flowers – only few cents a day for their long lifespan as compared to fresh flowers which can only last for a week on average. 
  • They do not need water and sunlight – simple and zero maintenance. 
  • They can be used for any settings and is a great alternative to fresh flowers.
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